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♥ Thursday, October 29, 2009

back after so long.. hahaha!

tomorrow will be the last day of my course!! ICG Batch 05-09, i will miss all of you! =)) haha.. no matter you took up the dealer or supervisor course.. once you are in batch 05-09, we were once classmates! =)

although, there are sadness and anger and alot more.. but i feel what is important is our friendship, yea? =) hahaha..
hope that we can/will stay and keep in touch.. but we will be having our own things to do.. hahaha. =))

icg batch 05-09, please take care yea! haahah.. will MISS all..

with much loves,
joycelyn tan

will you let me love you once again?♥
11:11 PM

♥ Saturday, September 26, 2009

went to Genting/KL with the ICG peeps on the Hari Raya Period for 3days 2nights! hahaha!

went to KL Sunway Lagoon on the last day before we left for Singapore! was so FUN!! hahaha.. i took the bungy jump (G Force) with Eric and that was the experience that I will never forget.. shooting up the sky in 2 seconds and turning 360 degrees in the air.. omg~ i was so shocked by myself that i took it!.. LOL! =)
ICG batch 05-09, I will never forget you guys! Thanks for all the beautiful memories! =DD

although, our cliques is starting to spilt as almond converts to Part-Time and Eric will leave for his Engineer Job, I still believe our STRONG Bonding is there!

Places we went:

Party World @ Chinatown
Teo Heng @ Katong
KTV @ JB's City Square
Pub @ JB
Mid-night Movie @ The Cathay
Ice-Skating @ Kallang Leisure Park
Bowling @ Downtown East
Prawning @ Pasir Ris Farmway
Prawning @ Bishan
Steamboat @ Bugis (Below TopOne)
Cruise (Leisure World)
Mobile Food Stall (LOK LOK) @ JB - Almost week, 1 night..
Genting/KL (3days 2nights)
ALL the Lunchs/Dinners/Suppers TIME spent with you ppl are GREAT!!! =D
There's MORE to Come, yeah!

with loves,

will you let me love you once again?♥
9:08 AM

♥ Monday, August 24, 2009

yesterday is offically last day in novena as the duty manager.. everythings goes quite well.. have been there 2 years le.. time goes very very fast.. hahaha!
will be going to city square, a new beginning and fresh start.. hopes everything will go well there too! =)
have been going out very often with my new classmates! not thought that we would go through so much together, friends!
prawning, bowling, ktv-ing, going to jb, going cruise, suppers, dinners and what's next? IT's GENTING and the KL trip!!
looking forward to it! =))

till then, take care..

xinling! =DD

will you let me love you once again?♥
10:48 PM

♥ Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this blog is going to rot soon! hahaha! dun really have the time to blog too..

i just got to know this group of new friends in ICG.. we went out for ktv session, dinner, JB and even to cruise.. hahaha!
they are out-going and nice group of ppl! =D
pictures i will not upload here, go to my facebook account and take a look bah.. hahahaa!

recently, i heard things about him again..
i believe he is the only one that can hurt me so deeply.. if you ask me are you still thinking of him? my answer is: i dunno.. my heart has gone numb already.. all the tears sheaded is enough.. but the outcome isnt what it should be.. we shouldnt have ended up in this situation.. but everything in our life is fated.. what's urs is urs..

1 year has gone, boy.. i hope you're doing fine..take care of urself.. hahaha!


will you let me love you once again?♥
12:45 PM

♥ Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yong Xiang, Kelvin, Joycelyn, Xue Fang
random picture!

will you let me love you once again?♥
8:51 PM

I wonder have i make the right decision..
Many have told me to continue.. but it's stressful.. I will try my best to finish up this five months.. only 2 weeks is down.. i really wonder how am i going to survive for the next four months.. i'm glad that betty is there for me whenever i need her and she has been very helpful and caring.. by calling/msging me everyday after lesson to ask me how's the lesson.. and whether i need any help anot.. I thank God for this friend.. =)

after i enrolled to this course, i miss work.. argh.. i dunno what am i thinking.. hahaha! hmm, everything will be change in september/october.. still thinking hard.. hahaha! =D
i know i will make up my decision sooner or later.. hahaha!

oh, i have make a few friends in ICG.. alot of friendly ppl there.. hahaha.. was quite close to a few.. but disagreements will happen at times.. maybe God is putting us to test, see how long can the friendship last.. it's only for 5 months.. why make it till so difficult for other friends around you..

for those who know me longer, i'm a person that speaks my mind and my voice is loud.. not that i'm scolding or disagreeing to what you've said.. if i you think that i did so, please accept my apologises here.. =)
Make a better place for you and for me! =) M.Jackson's Heal the World..

gonna stop all these grumblings.. LOL!
this sat and sunday, i'll be attached to Tampines Mart for the breakfast launch.. so will not be back at nvs for almost 2 weeks.. hahaha!

and i'm thinking of getting itouch! hahaha.. still considering.. i no work, no money.. hahaha.. wallet is getting into slimming programme already! hahaha..
i feel bad if i take money from parents.. because they pay for my course's fees and the car fuel.. aiyooooo.. must work in the morning than go work.. or maybe after school go work than got income.. hahahaa! =)

sorry for the LONG post.. HAHAA!
take care ppl! =)

with much loves,

kidd, you're missed! LOL-

will you let me love you once again?♥
8:35 PM

♥ Friday, June 26, 2009

this blog is going to rot if i'm not going to update! LOL!

Synergy Race for 1st Batch Asst. Managers

we went to together of 9 places to complete the "Synergy(Amazing Race)" all around Singapore..

From Kallang HQ:
walked to Kallang Mrt, it's drizzling!
1st stop:Raffles (near Sub.Court)
walked to
2nd stop: CHIJMES
Mrt-ed to Tanjong Pagar
3rd stop: Yen Kiet Swimming Pool
Bus-ed 145 to Ang Siang Street than walked up to Ang Siang Hill!
Spend about 1 hour there to look for the 'WELL'!
Cab-ed to Clarke Quay
4th stop: Clarke Quay(near Bungy Jump) and we have to do skipping to get the bonus pts..
walked/climbed to
5th stop: FORT CANNING PARK! (that's the place, I almost died! LOL)
walked down to Plaza Sing and than to MRT to trained and walked Farrer Park Swimming Complex..
6th stop: Farrar Park Swimming Complex..
Cab-ed to Bugis
7th stop: Bugis (WaterLoo Street)
Cab-ed to
8th stop: Kallang/Lavender
Cab-ed to
9th stop: Toa PaYoh Park
and MRT-ed to Yio Chu Kang's GrassRoot CC!

It's very very tiring!! but we came in first.. =D Cheers!
it's worth it for all the sweats and pain(i have blisters on both legs)! arghss!
Thanks Team! and esp my AM, Mandy.. She is just too great.. =)
Area 1, all the way!

everything will change, very soon.. hais..

with loves,

will you let me love you once again?♥
11:47 PM